Enid MB Church adopts new name

Oklahoma congregation changes name to represent the church’s desire to point themselves and others to the cross of Jesus.


Enid (Oklahoma) MB Church has changed its name to Crosspoint Church following a membership vote in late April.

Lead pastor Asher Griffin says the congregation desires to be consumed by and promote the gospel, and the name had become a barrier to that mission in conversation.

“We’re a group of Christians who want to be known by nothing other than Christ and him crucified,” Griffin says. “We continually saw that our name was not immediately communicating to people the God we worship, our King who saves and his church as an embassy of heaven in a lost world.

“For about a year, members kept coming to me and bringing up the subject of their evangelizing or inviting people to church and how our name was an immediate conversation stopper and barrier to people coming through our doors,” he says.

Discussion surrounding a name change began among church elders in fall 2020. Elders held conversations with individuals over the winter before presenting a name change proposal for membership vote on March 27. Members voted to affirm the name change, and after seeking input from members, church elders proposed three names on April 12. Members voted to select the new name on April 25.

“We were encouraged by the overwhelming number of positive votes to change the name and select a new name,” Griffin says. “The Lord has provided an incredible amount of joy and unity in Christ during this season.”

Griffin says the hope is the new name represents the church’s desire to point themselves and others to the cross of Jesus.

“We aim to be known as a church who cherishes the gospel, loves people and lives on mission for God’s glory,” Griffin says.


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