Enrollment strong at FPU


Undergraduate, graduate student numbers increase

FPU press release

Enrollment of new students grew in all areas for 2016 at Fresno Pacific University, the Mennonite Brethren university located in Fresno, Calif.

Traditional undergraduate programs welcomed 367 new students, bachelor’s degree completion admitted 387 new cohort students and 327 new students were admitted to graduate study. In all, 3,520 students are studying at the main campus in Southeast Fresno and the regional campuses in Merced, North Fresno, Visalia and Bakersfield.

Two other important bright spots are:

  • an increase in Hispanic students in traditional and degree completion programs to 27.8 percent of the total, up from 25.9 percent. “As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, we are excited to see this number grow,” says Jon Endicott, vice president for enrollment management and student services.
  • a rise in the number of students living in campus housing. “We started several initiatives that helped us this year,” Endicott says. “It’s great to see the cafeteria, chapel and residence halls bustling.”

The university met or exceeded new student goals across all areas, surpassing last year’s totals. While overall enrollment is down 66 students from 2015 in traditional undergraduate and some graduate programs, much of this is due to community colleges and California State University campuses expanding class sections following years of cutbacks. The improving economy also offers more employment options for those on the fence about whether to continue their education.

Enrollment in master’s programs for newly credentialed teachers slowed due to the increase in teaching jobs throughout the region. “It’s exciting to see the possibilities open to our graduates in the community and in the profession,” Endicott says.

Traditional undergraduate

The 367 new students, including first-time transfers, are more than the planned 355, and the traditional freshmen class is 267 compared to 210 in fall 2015. The number of students living in campus housing rose from 410 students in 2015 to 489, thanks in large part to a new “resident success” grant. Total TUG enrollment is 1,082 students.

Degree completion

FPU exceeded its goal of 350 new cohort students with 378 for a total degree completion enrollment of 1,281. “We continue to look for ways to keep costs low and enable our students to compete their degrees as quickly as possible,” Endicott says.

Graduate and seminary

This fall 327 new graduate students were admitted, an increase from 323 last year. Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary enrolled 148 students in master’s programs, an increase of 11 from 2015. The School of Education is also up in students seeking initial credentials at 336 in 2016, an increase over 2015’s 310. Overall graduate enrollment is 1,157.



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