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Chris Glanzer is the go-to guy for audio, video and lighting issues in his Ebenfeld MB (Hillsboro, Kan.) congregation as well as churches throughout the region. He also is a fixture at the controls for U.S. Mennonite Brethren conventions. But people might be surprised where else Glanzer’s skills take him. He took a break from preparing a “load-in” for a concert in Tulsa, Okla., to give us a glimpse into his business, Glanzer Pro Audio.


Who is the most famous person you have done production for?

This year it’s a lot of campaign events. Last fall we did a Donald Trump rally. You have to be vetted by Secret Service to work these events, and we’re one of only a of couple production companies in Kansas pre-approved by the General Services Administration.

How did you get your GSA approval?

A few years ago President Obama was coming to Lawrence, Kan., for an event. We were prepped to do it, including the GSA approval, but it was cancelled because of the Boston Marathon bombing.

What other kinds of events do you do?

Predominantly concerts and theater. We’ve done production for performances of Cirque du Soleil. I recently did a mixed martial arts event. It was an eye-opener. In the fall I usually do four or five musicals and in spring it’s more installs and helping churches with their tech needs.

Why did you get started in this business?

I wanted to help churches be better stewards by helping design systems that actually fulfill their mission. I’ve seen too many churches spend money on stuff that didn’t match up with their needs.

What advice do you give church tech teams?

The production role is an act of worship. Our society is trained that experiences, concerts and even meetings need to happen at a certain level of polish. The church has the most important message there is, and you must come prepared to give it your all.

Interview by Kathy Heinrichs Wiest


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