Kindred to scale back


Kindred Productions (KP), in-house publisher and distributor of religious books for the Mennonite Brethren churches in the U.S. and Canada, is reevaluating the scope and direction of its ministry.

Over the past two years, KP has emphasized the reselling component of their business. After careful consideration, KP decided this direction is not financially viable. “It became apparent that we needed to scale back on outside publishing, resale and associated advertising,” says Cam Rowland, communications director at the Canadian MB Conference.

The implications of this immediately impacted KP manager Mario Buscio, who officially completed his services June 5. “Mario was working specifically on improving the financial health of the reselling component of the organization, and although he brought much creativity and energy to the task, Kindred Productions has not seen enough results required to continue in this direction,” says Rowland.

For the near future, KP will continue selling resources developed by the conferences, but is reviewing the resale of books and resources that may be purchased elsewhere. Presently, KP will work with Augsburg Fortress, Cook Communications, Foundation Distributing, Harper Collins and Herald Press in its resale book component. KP will also provide Sunday school curriculum from three of their main suppliers: Mennonite Publishing House, David C. Cook and Foundation Distributing.

Amy Sterk is the KP U.S. representative and the Kindred Spirits Reward Program representative for the U.S. and Canada. “Amy provides excellent customer service to all the U.S. customers and is the main contact person for the exciting Kindred Spirits Reward Program,” says Yvonne Heinrichs of KP. Sterk can be reached via e-mail or at 800-545-7322, extension 305.—Canadian MB Conference/KP


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