Ngolo joins USMB staff as integrated immigrant coordinator

Ngolo, an entrepreneur and bi-vocational minister, adds part-time USMB staff role to responsibilities


Henri Ngolo, Hamilton, Ohio has been hired by the U.S. Conference of MB Churches (USMB) as integrated immigrant coordinator for Congolese churches in the United States.

Ngolo, an entrepreneur and bi-vocational minister, brings 26 years of management experience to the role. He currently works as marketing director with Costco Wholesale, in Dayton, Ohio, a position he will continue to hold.

“I’m very grateful and excited that we will have Henri Ngolo on our USMB staff,” says USMB National Director Don Morris. “Henri is zealous in his desire to serve Congolese pastors and churches. He understands the specific needs and speaks several of the Congolese dialects. He’s passionate, an encourager and simply wants to be used by God to build his kingdom.”

Ngolo earned his masters’ degree in Christian Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas, in 2022. He holds a masters’ degree in Missiology from the University Center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo-Kinshasa, and an associate’s degree in business management from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ngolo is founder of Geshem Farmers, Inc., which aids in community development and education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is dedicated to promoting and teaching poverty alleviation, leadership ethics and community development to church leaders in Kinshasa and is building a kids’ village in DRC to help reduce kids’ homelessness, which is rising as a result of war and family hardships.

In his role as integrated immigrant coordinator, Ngolo will connect with Congolese pastors who serve U.S. Mennonite Brethren churches and those interested in pursuing USMB affiliation. He will assist church leaders in securing places of worship, obtaining national and state government financial requirements and facilitating further education.

Ngolo will promote emerging Congolese-background churches’ ministries and needs with established MB churches and facilitate partnerships. He will fundraise for Integrated Ministries and the CORD program, through which USMB will partner with immigrant churches and provide biblical training, assistance in establishing a stable place of worship, leadership development and connection with like-minded congregations.

Ngolo will collaborate with district ministers and will report to Morris.

“I’m very thankful that we’re moving forward with this process of bringing in immigrant churches, making them part of the USMB family,” Ngolo says. “I’m so grateful that the Lord has opened the doors that we can continue to serve and expand the kingdom of God.”

Ngolo began his new role Nov. 1, 2022.

“Henri is the right man to help us move the Congolese immigrant ministry to a new level,” Morris says. “God has blessed us with this opportunity, that of having many Congolese pastors and churches gravitate toward affiliation with USMB, and that is so rewarding. Henri’s part-time role and work will allow us to do so much more and to do it more effectively.”

Ngolo and his wife, Bienvenue, have been married five years and have three children. They attend Christian Center the Hand of God in Hamilton, Ohio


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