USMB unveils new branding


New logo, tagline reflect vision

By CL staff


USMB is rolling out new branding that reflects the ministry vision and strategy affirmed at the National Convention in 2016. Staff have already begun using the new logo and tagline and will be phasing out the old logo.

The former USMB logo, which featured a cross and the word “one” to emphasize one family, one Lord and one mission, served well for a season, according to Don Morris, USMB national director, but a fresh ministry direction calls for fresh branding.

“The old logo just didn’t fit any longer,” Morris says.

The new vision statement emphasizes three core commitments—church multiplication and evangelism, intentional disciple–making and leadership development—as well as networking to help each congregation reach full ministry potential. That vision is summed up in the new tagline: Increasing impact together.

Morris and Lori Taylor, USMB webmaster, worked with Friesen Design, Enid, Okla., to develop the new branding. Morris says that owner Kevin Friesen, an elder and long–time member of Enid (Okla.) MB Church, has not only been good to work with but also understands the USMB needs and culture in a way that has been especially helpful.

“He and his team have been the right choice,” Morris says.

Additional input on the design came from a task force consisting of USMB Leadership Board members Lianne Nikkel, Boris Borisov and Delilah Isaak.

Task force member Nikkel describes the process as enjoyable and notes that technology enabled six people in varied locations to work together.

“We were all excited to stack hands on the final concept,” she says.


New logo, tagline reflect vision

Morris says the new logo “reveals so much of what we want to be about.”

According to Friesen, the continuous letters of USMB in the logo speak to the interconnectedness of the new vision, while the cross formed out of the white space between the M and the B communicates that the gospel remains central—“the only source for making greater impact.”

To the left of the USMB lettering a tri-color symbol of three equal and interlinking shapes represent the three core commitments. The shapes are linked to emphasize again the USMB desire to network and collaborate around these three commitments.

Nikkel is a “big fan” of the tri-color graphic and the centrality of the cross in the logo.

“To me, both of these communicate connection and strength in relationship, which I believe are key elements of being part of a family–our MB family,” she says. 

Morris notes that the colors are intentionally bold, because “we desire to be bold in kingdom-minded ministry, reaching a world that needs to see Jesus.”

Each of the words in the tagline–increasing impact together–is carefully chosen. “Increasing” indicates a desire to go beyond maintenance mode. “Impact” refers to “the impact of the gospel in our communities,” says Morris. “We can’t just ‘do’ church; we have to ‘be’ the church, and if we’re going to be the church, that will mean greatly impacting those around us in a very positive way.”

“Together” emphasizes the networking and cooperation that’s essential to the USMB vision. Morris points out the increasing impact will only happen as the national conference, districts, educational institutions and local congregations collaborate.

“Together we have increasing impact,” Morris says. “Separately, not so much.”


Website to be next step

A revamped USMB website will be the next step in implementing the new branding. Friesen Design is again contracted for the project, working with input from USMB staff and Leadership Board members to create a site that will present not only a fresh look but also increased functionality. The high-capacity site will provide a wealth of information to connect “everyone Mennonite Brethren” with resources for ministry. “This will be a one-stop shop,” Morris says.

The new site is expected to launch this summer.






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