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First, the article in the September/October 2019, issue “Pointing Students to Jesus,” was excellent. Thank you for featuring such a perfect guide for working with our young people. I pasted it into the back of my Bible for future reference, and a friend of mine (Christian, but not MB) wants to subscribe to CL based on that article!

Here’s the problem: My friend, like me, is a political conservative. She, like me, is intelligent enough to be put off by Connie Faber’s editorial, “When It’s Time to Vote — Rethinking Politics in a Polarized Culture.” Ms. Faber accomplishes in her third sentence precisely the kind of polarization she is warning her readers against. As a political conservative, I feel every subtle dig she takes while she pretends to be above the fray. Yes, USMB congregations include both Democrats and Republicans! We all need to put those affiliations aside and focus on that with which we DO agree: following Jesus—not politics—in order to continue to be witnesses for our faith.

Biased editorials pretending to be non-partisan are divisive. Please try to understand that many, many Christians are Conservatives and we love and follow Jesus. Don’t talk down to us, and don’t assume we’re racist, intolerant, hateful or without compassion. We believe the man for whom we voted is doing his best, and we pray for him. It’s exhausting to constantly hear CNN/the mainstream media, colleges and universities deride him and accuse him of being a racist, and it saddens me to hear this bias coming from the Christian Leader.

This president is flawed, as was/is his predecessor who many times “spoke in racially charged tones and referred (sic) to people who disagree with him as his enemies” (Faber 4). I think “Progressives” ignore that, choosing instead to attack and/or lecture Conservatives instead of truly seeing policies and the good things President Trump has accomplished. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, but please make a better effort to be neutral or at least make an attempt to see it from the “other side.” The Christian Leader represents our denomination, and a divisive editorial offends a large number of us.


Tami Garst

Inman, Kansas


The editorial “When It’s Time to Vote” in the September/October 2019 issue has left me confused. I thought the point was to call for grace in our congregations despite political differences. However, you managed to alienate me and other supporters right off the bat when you made false assumptions and disparaged one specific person in the article, namely our President. This offends me. The only stones you cared to throw were directed towards him specifically though you accuse him of the same. Is the grace you speak of only intended for those who agree with you? Perhaps, the log in your eye was obscuring your vision. Just a thought.

Kristina Günsche
Olathe, Kansas




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